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The Campaign to Fund the Harrell Beck Chair


Beck Board April 2013 In April 2013, the first meeting of the Harrell Beck Committee met in Boston to begin planning the launch of the School of Theology's “Campaign to Fund the Harrell Beck Chair.” Launched after Harrell's death 27 years ago, it's hoped that the remaining funds (approximately $350k) can be raised in relatively short order.

When asked how the "Chair" works, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Ted Karpf, explained,

"The endowed funds on a chair are never withdrawn; rather the status of the endowment will allow whatever exists to be called a “professorship” which pays a portion of the incumbent’s salary, but never the full amount. Hence, Harrell Beck will be perpetually remembered. The chair, which is distinctive (there are only three at the School of Theology  in 173 years), is a guarantee for all time that the remembrance of Harrell’s name and work fully funds the professor who sits in that chair."

The Professor who currently occupies the chair is Dr. Katheryn Pfisterer Darr.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can contribute to the effort to fully fund the Harrell Beck Chair in Hebrew Scripture. In the meantime, be sure to "like" Harrell Beck on Facebook, follow Harrell on Twitter, and subscribe to this blog!