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A Biblical People


I’m very much bothered by the fact that people forget so readily that the Old Testament was the Bible of Jesus and the early Church. I have to repeat ad nauseam that Jesus of Nazareth never called for any written material beyond the Old Testament. Now, that’s not my way of saying, “Let’s fire all of the New Testament professors”  (although there are some places in which that would be a good idea!). But, it is my very serious way of saying, Jesus of Nazareth never calls for other written material to sustain his incredible ministry. It is my way of saying that I’m tired of Christians saying Christ is the answer when they’ve never gotten around to ask what the questions are.

I want to say with all my feeling that we are not called upon to be a New Testament people. We are called upon to be a Biblical people.

The Heart of Biblical Faith – Being a Biblical People May 13, 1986

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