Harrell Beck

The Wisdom of Harrell Beck

Copernican Revolution


Eternal spirit, like the air so high above us, we cannot comprehend thee, yet, like the air so deep within us, we cannot survive without thee. Perform in our hearts a Copernican Revolution – until you become the center of our universe, the content of our hearts, and the heart of our hopes. Bring your presence mightily upon us, that there may come upon our minds: honesty of thinking; into our lips: refinement of witness; into our hearts: your will; and into our hands: the gentle power of healing. Haunt us, O God, with the fact that the early Church dared in one breath to call Jesus the Son of God and the servant of men and women. Haunt us with the fact that he became like us, in order that we could become like him. Haunt us with the fact that just now, we are the body of Christ. We thank you for your trust in us and for the ministry that your presence, your power, your direction, your energy makes possible to a world you love through us. Grant O God that we may be worthy. Amen! Asking the Big Questions