So Long As The Profits Are Mine!

So Long As The Profits Are Mine!

I came back to Boston a few summers ago to hear a group of two-thousand Ivy League graduates meeting in the Boston Sheraton on a Monday morning singing a hymn. This was it: “Deck the halls with Commie corpses, ‘tis the time to be remorseless!” (These are educated people!) “Sharpen now your own stilletti, cut the Pinkos to confetti!”  How’d you like to have a congregation like that? (Some of you have!) And they liked it so much, they sang in the next breath, “God bless free enterprise, system divine! Stand beside her, don’t deride her, so long as the profits are mine.”

In the midst of arrogance of that kind in world, I want to cry out with Jeremiah, “Let not the wise person glory in human wisdom; let not the rich person glory in human riches; let not the powerful person glory in human power; but let those who would glory glory in this: that I am the Lord God who practiced steadfast love — hesed — and judgment — mishpat — and righteousness — tsedaqah.  In these things I dance,” says the Lord.  I want to come back to the real drama; because I believe God has given us so much and has certain expectations from us.

— October 7, 1985 Pastor’s School in Florida


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  1. Joann Sapp says:

    He’s got my spirits soaring! Thanks, David, for making these readings available!!! JHS

  2. Merlen Levering says:

    I am a former student of Harrell’s and knew him also when I worked as a youth worker at the Lexington United Methodist Church. One of the great joys of my life was to study Hebrew with him for two years.

    • David says:

      Thanks for your reflection, Merlen! Please be sure to visit the Harrell Beck Facebook page ( and spread the word to fellow Beck fans!

  3. Ron Wachs says:

    I was student in Harrell’s “Hebrew Wisdom Literature” class in Spring of 1961. I was at BU only that one year and in time moved into other professinal studies. Harrell and I corresponded somewhat regularly thereafter (he wrote me a letter on the day of his death). I have several of those letters. To whom should I address any info?

    • David says:

      Hi Ron,
      Would LOVE to check out any additional info. Harrell must’ve been busy that last day — I, too, received a letter in the next day’s post. Feel free to connect with me at

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